Technical Sphere

February 3rd, 2008

The fighting of individual duels for honour, fending of bandits or prosecuting small group missions, hit squads etc.  In the Technical Sphere each player controls a single character. The game is highly technical in nature and delves into the techniques of combat, and the basic principles of the Arts of Mars. Considering the detail the system used D100, not D10 like Tactical. It is really not for fighting large battles of even resolving a skirmish, for that: switch to Tactical.

To to transition one set of Attribute to another Sphere they have to be converted. To covert the Attributes of the Technical Sphere for the Tactical simply use the ‘tens’ and ignore the ‘units’. i.e. A Technical Attribute of ’59’ becomes a Tactical Attribute of ‘5’.

This Sphere is one half of the WarSpike RPG system, the other being the Political Sphere. In combination several players form a group and all adversaries are controlled by another player running the simulation, known as the Simulator.

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