Steps in the Development Cycle

May 18th, 2009

The WarSpike project is in constant development. There are 3 related web sites forming the basic infrastructure of the project. These being: this WordPress blog (ideas and prototypes), the static site (current official rules) and the store (Lulu hosted, where you can buy hard copies). This WordPress site, covers the first two steps in the process, and allows for direct feedback. All the steps of the development cycle are listed below;

  1. Step 1 is the Ideas blog section of this site, and where I post the nascent rule concepts. These are my first thoughts, ideas, and me asking for feedback and help with source material.
  2. Any concepts with promise progress to step 2 and are transferred over to a ‘prototype rule’ page. On a WordPress site pages are more permanent, and can be organised into a proper hierarchical structure. These is where the rules take shape, with feedback from you via comments, and any vagaries or problem areas are corrected. The idea is to catch any failings at this early stage.
  3. Once I’m satisfied with their development they are moved off this WordPress site and over onto: This is the main rules site, it is a static site, without comments etc. The static site is a current state of play of the project and shows which bits have been developed, and empty slots will link back to this blog site and the prototyping pages. It can be thought of as the ‘stable release’ of the rules. The codex.
  4. Once the static site is completely filled with content, that content it is bundled into a PDF and shared via  p2p download. The P2P sharing is initiated by Magnet links are found in the download section of the static site. This ensured the correct file is downloaded from the P2P network.
  5. Finally when everything has been polished up, the PDF have gone out and feedback has come back, all the typos corrected and any errata incorporated into the final PDF copy it moves onto the final step. This copy is then uploaded to ‘LuLu’ a Print of Demand service to be published in hard-copy and will be found in  the Spheres of War store. Once all the spheres are complete they will be bound into one massive ‘Spheres of War’ premium edition. This premium edition will be tarted up to look like an old combat codex, illuminated manuscript, and cost an arm and a leg (no really, I want you arms and legs, I’m building a monster!)

These steps are listed in the grey sidebar for easy reference. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment.

Best wishes,

Philip Sibbering
Artist & Designer

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Feedback is vital to the development of WarSpike. I would like to thank all those who have taken the time to critique and discuss the concepts and rules of WarSpike, and especially those who's comments are posted below. If you would like to chip in too, you are most welcome! To jump to the comment form at the bottom of the page click here, or browse other's comments and hit 'reply'.

  1. Malika says:

    Just a little question. Do you do anything along the lines of playtesting? Or will that be done once all the rules are available for downloading?

    • Philip S says:

      I run through the prototype rules, to try it out specific components of the rules, but nothing like a serious play testing program (as you guess: that will comes later!). Guy cobbled together some rules ad-hoc and tried it out here: Guy’s comments on combat. Anyone is welcome to try out bits as I do, and post comments…

      Play testing begins once the PDF is available. I figure the more who play test it the better, and getting it out on the net via P2P is a good way to get quite a few eyes on it. The PDF will invite players back to this site. This will allow them to comment of the pages on this site and make suggestion as to changes the rules. I am also considering opening up a ‘play-testing forum’ on this site, or a free forum site, to make it easier to ask questions.

      As the core rules are just the rules and lack army lists (Army lists will be handled by Augments) there will be a base army list where both sides are identical. The play testing of the army lists will be down to the Augments and that is a separate (though linked) issue.

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