Turn Sequence

January 4th, 2009

The WarSpike turn sequence is common to all the Spheres of War. The core aim of the turn sequence used in WarSpike is that of simultaneous resolution. To achieve this, the opposing forces are divided into the smallest units possible for the scale of the sphere: individuals for ‘Technical Sphere’, units for ‘Tactical Sphere’ and armies for the ‘Strategy Sphere’. During the turn sequence the player with the initiative activates their ‘smallest units’ in series. With each activation their opponent may retaliate with one of their units. Active units and retaliating units are hooked up in a ‘pair’. It is these ‘pairs’ that are then resolved in series. This is called a paired-resolutions and is a very important concept of the WarSpike turn sequence.

For example: If you have two groups of 10 men squared off in a line within the Technical Sphere it would be resolved as 10 paired-resolutions. Each paired-resolution would be between 2 opposing men, and each paired-resolution would be resolved one at a time, the order determined by the one who has the initiative. The same holds true for the Tactical Sphere, and if you have 10 units squared off it would be resolved as 10 paired-resolutions. Each paired-resolutions would be 2 opposing units, and each paired-resolution would be resolved one at a time. The order of resolution of these paired-resolutions in both cases is down to the Player with the ‘initiative’.

To make like easier the Player with the initiative is designated the Instigator, as they initiate all the matches. In comparison, the other Player is the Retaliator as they are reacting to the Instigator.

Note: Paired-Resolutions are also known as ‘matches’ (because you match one unit to another). ‘Matches’ and ‘Matched-Pairs’.

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