January 4th, 2009

This modifier group deals with the character’s Attitudes towards situations and people. It is associated with the Mentality Attribute.

The categories within this group are defined by social norms, cultural skews and life experience. These are given as bonus and penalties to the Stat. What defines the modifiers is the ‘motives’ and each modifier comes with a description of how it is used.

For example, if an individual has a friend that they idolise, fear or follow they are at -#, this suppresses their natural self-interests for the purpose of tests in regard to this particular ‘friend’. This greatly increases the chance of ‘altruistic’ behaviour towards this particular friend including a tenancy to self-sacrifice. This is a form of appeasement. However an egoistical result will result in ‘non-friendly’ behaviours (attention seeking/ stalking etc.)

If the individual is part of a group that share’s their outlook and acts in a way that increases their survival, yet see those within the groups as ‘equal’ and not above or below themselves, they may come to a mutual agreement based on self-interest and enjoy camaraderie +#, this applies towards this specific group of comrades. This means that the egoistical result supports the group, yet those in the group are less prone to do stupid actions (and altruistic result may have them acting in a selfless way -possibly putting themselves in danger). However, it should be noted that ‘camaraderie’ as described here is between equals and does not extend to officers. Officers have to ‘break’ those under them and that means negative modifiers, not positive (see above).

If at war, an encounter with the enemy will incur a large penalty and increase the likelihood of altruistic behaviour towards the group (the need to stick together). The can affect comrades too, who will suffer the penalty yet still retain the camaraderie and hence stand by their comrades even if the result is egoistical. It should be noted that if an enemy has killer intent (and this si likely in war)  and give a negative modifier that reduces the troops Mentality stat to less than 1 (zero or less) the troops will not engage. If the result is above 1, then only egoistical results mean they engage. Altruistic result means they seek backup (hence only those with high Mentality stats will actively seek individual fights).

Generally speaking, if the roll in equal to over under the Stat, it is egoistical and towards selfish desires and these rarely include the willingness to kill (most people are not psychotic and do not enjoy killing). However,when part fo a group humans are more prone to killing. There is the self-interest of your comrades seeing you perform well and benefiting the group, hence becoming more valuable and respected.

This is separated out as a separate issue outside the group and tribal alliances. This appears when a person is not confident in their abilities and fear failure and the possibility of injury and death. Fear and excitement are very similar and the difference between them is down to confidence combined with desire. Usual fear of the unknown is the most powerful, and this affects ‘green’ troops.

Lack of experience gives negative modifiers which tend to skew the results towards ‘altruistic’ of the group but that does not means towards the leadership. When there are two competing negative modifiers the greatest modifier is applied.

So fear of the enemy (by reputation) -2 will be trumped by fear of the martial law -4, but fear of the law only has an effect when their is someone (leader) to remind the group of that law. If the leader is killed, then the group will act on the next fear down the list.

If the fear drives the Mentality Stat below 1, then they are subject to ‘fear’. This means the move away from conflict. This means there is a balancing act, as ‘fear of the law’ that reduces the Mentality of troops to below 1 actually breaks them entirely as they will doubt themselves and act like sheep.

This is how good the troops feel and given as a positive modifier. This can be used to offset the fear of the law modifier. Broken troops will act like soldiers as the morale will raise their Mentality above 1. However this is ‘artificial’ and they can not act ‘egoistical’, they will act altruistic.

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