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December 20th, 2008

An Attribute can be used ‘as is’ or modified with bonuses or penalties. All modifiers for an Attribute are grouped together under a ‘Modifier Group’. Each Attribute has it’s own Modifier Group associated with it.  ‘Mentality’ is associated with the ‘Attitudes’ Modifier Group,  ‘Action’ with ‘Repertoire’, ‘Reason’ with ‘Tenets’, and ‘Stature’ with ‘Status’. The acronym formed by the initial letters of all of these Modifier Groups in order is ‘A.R.T.S.’ which matches the acronym formed by the Attributes (M.A.R.S).

  • Attitudes: These affect a character’s reaction to specific situation, individuals and groups. It delves into the fears and desires within the character’s psyche.
  • Repertoire: This is a list of techniques and set-pieces that the character has leant, and includes bonuses to the one’s they have practised.
  • Tenets: A list of tenets the character subscribes to, or understands, and allows interaction with groups associated with those Tenets*.
  • Status: The current physical condition of the character as determined by their job, exercise and training. Physical condition deteriorates quite quickly, and has to be maintained.

* Temp note: All social groups are defined by their tenets; a code of conduct, acceptable views, and what is believed (and purported) to be ‘true’ by that group. Interaction within a group require observance of tenets. There is also a category for ‘personal’ Tenets that are not part of a given group, though only pioneers and freethinking extroverts are liable to express them.

Each group is a list of test modifiers, along with new special abilities. These test modifiers only cover tests specific to that modifier’s description. No modifier applies to all the tests possible by that Attribute. The modifiers are given as numerical bonuses or penalties applied to the Attribute value to give a new (modified) value.

Example: In the Tactical Sphere, and using Tactical Scale, a character with Action:6 [boxing+1] will test against ‘7’ when attempting to hit in boxing. This boxing bonus only affect test that involve boxing.

This not only applies to tests, but also to Attributes used to enforce those tests.

Example: Stature:6 [brawn+1]. This means that for any Action tests that are enforced with strength; the player would use a modified Stature value of ‘7’ to enforce that result.

This strength modifier would not affect Action tests backed-up by, say, endurance. To increase endurance you would specific endurance modifier.

As seen above, the positive modifier increases the chance that the positive aspect test will be successful. When dealing with the negative aspect it is a negative modifier increases the chance of the test being successful.

Example: A Mentality:6 [hate (enemy) -1] would actually increase the chance of the character making a test to act as an individual instead of following the herd.

It should be noted that a positive modifier to a negative aspect test is actually a penalty. The same holds true for a negative modifier to a positive aspect test.

Example: A Stature modifier defined as [skinny-1] would affect any Action tests that are backed-up with Strength. As using strength is the positive aspect of Stature, it therefore means that  ‘skinny-1’ would be considered a penalty as it reduces power. Someone with Stature:6 [skinny-1] would have an effective Strength of ‘5’ when enforcing hits on an opponent or grappling.

However, this also reduces mass and is therefore increasing stealth. When backing-up Actions test to hide, the person who is skinning -1 can make use of cover that will only hide up to Stature:5. It should be noted that a skinny character of Stature:6 retains the stride and reach of Stature:6.

Further reading

The Modifier Groups are quite diverse and make available many possible modifiers to the Player with which they can craft their characters or Troops. For more detail on each Modifier Group;


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