Attribute Conversion

March 31st, 2009

All the Spheres are interoperable, and a character’s Attributes can easily be converted from one Sphere to another. The more detailed Spheres of Technical and Political use values of 0-100, while the Tactical and Strategic Sphere is 0-10. However these two ranged are directly related, with the Tactical and Strategic values being an order of magnitude greater than the Technical and Political.

Therefore: to transition one set of Attribute to another Sphere they have to be converted by multiplying or dividing  by ten and rounding down.

Example: To covert the Attributes of the Technical Sphere for use in the Tactical Sphere simply divided by 10 and round down. A Technical Attribute of ‘59? becomes a Tactical Attribute of ‘5?. This is 59 divided by 10 which is 5.9, then rounded down to 5 (i.e. cut the ones off, use the ‘tens’ of the value and ignore the ‘units’)

Conversely to convert the Attributes of the Tactical Sphere for use in the Technical Sphere simply multiply the value by ten. So a Tactical Attribute of 6 becomes a Technical Attribute on 60 (stick a zero on the end).

Nice and simple. It is very easy to see how the Attributes change from one Sphere to another at a glance. An Attribute of 66, if 66 in Technical and Political Spheres and 6 in Tactical and Strategic Spheres. You can even write it 6|6, and the character sheets for Tactical and Political have the ‘ones’ of the value greyed out.

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