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July 21st, 2009

The follow is a list of armours used throughout history and their associated characteristic values and conversion. Each armour was employed to specifically defeat a given type of attack, technique, or impact edge. Some later armour were effective at defeating more that one type of attack.

[This text is here to remind me what it was I was writing about and how it will look (based off armour characteristics).]


Padding:+1 vs Blunt| no conversion | NA
Sort Code: P+1 vs 3P| NA | NA

The above short code simply means that you add +1 to your Stature value (along with other mods) to resist blunt attack. Padding will only resist blunt attacks (according to this short code – in actual fact is can resist edge and piecing strike but the values are lower than what most warriors can inflict and so are ignored for now). As a result padding will not convert edged or piecing strikes into the easier to resist blunt force strikes, and offers no protection against edged and piecing.


Padding: none | Edged = Blunt | max conversion: 10
Sort Code: P+0 | 2p=3p | 10

Mail has no padding value on it’s own, but it’s most powerful feature is the fact that it can converted edge strikes, slashing or draw cuts, in blunt force trauma. The human body is much better at resisting blunt force. The other benefit is that our natural blunt force resistance can be augmented with padding. If mail is combined with padding, you gain the benefits of both –  and combined they will even offer ‘padding’ VS a slashing strike and that is quite an effective outcome;

Mail+ Gambeson

Padding: +1 vs Blunt | Edged = Blunt | max conversion: 10
Sort Code: P+1 vs 3p | 2p=3p | 10

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