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May 26th, 2009

Humans are exceptionally good at developing tools to enhance their killing ability and to aid in the defence of themselves. These tools are the tools of war, and give a great advantage to the wielder. Since their inception there has been a constant arms race between human populations to not only overcome another’s defensive technologies, but to find way to nullify another’s attacks. This has lead to many weapons and armour becoming obsolete as technology advanced, and those who got left behind often perished. There are certain eras to which certain technologies belong, and the weapon and armour lists for use with Warspike are categories according to a given era.

To unravel all of this, first we will start with an overview, and then deal with the common elements of weapons and armour found in both the Technical and Tactical Spheres, and from which are derived the averaged ratios for the Strategic Sphere. All these Spheres share the same base concepts about weapons and armour presented here.


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Natural Reach and Strength

All individuals have a natural reach value and strength value that is equal to their Stature Value. This value is used to determine their reach in combat, and how hard the impact of a successful strike is. Combat rules in Technical and Tactical go into the whole combat process.


Weapons confer a bonus to the natural reach, and in same cases the strength, of the wielder. All weapon stats are derived from a mixture of real weapon stats, experience and guesswork. Where possible real world stats and measures are used, but some weapons have abilities that are subjective in regard to game mechanics. In these cases I have looked to the experts with a given weapon, such are the ‘The Arma‘ for inspiration on medieval and Renaissance weaponry in Europe, to approximate effects.

Weapon Characteristics

Weapon details








All individuals can throw objects, and the distance they can throw an object is determined by their Stature value.


Missile Weapons



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