Role-Play Game

October 23rd, 2008

This Politico-Technique combination can be used as a framework for an RPG (Role Play Game). In covers combat and communication, and covers missions and adventures like spying, intrigue, kidnapping, extortion, raids, robbery and exploration. Usually made up of small groups of specialists, each controlled by a single player. As this is highly focused on the group and there are so many variables on the ‘other side’ a new type of player called as Games Master (or Scenario Director/ Scenario Executor?) is employed. It is their (Games Master’s) job to ‘run the world simulation’ for the players, to set the scene, and control all the opposing forces and allies. The whole set-up and simulation is called the ‘scenario’.

Being a Games Master is highly demanding role, and coming up with good scenarios is tough as they are so detailed and have to take into account the freedom of the players. It is for this reason that it is a good idea to combine resources with other GMs on the net and exchange scenarios to cut down on development time, and share solutions to ‘problem areas’.

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