October 23rd, 2008

Combinations are combining two spheres to make a new game with that has elements of both spheres, but that make concentrate on certain aspects and expand the interaction. The first combination of interesting is the ‘Politico-Technique’ combination as it can be used as a basis for an RPG (Role Play Game).  Usually the two adjacent spheres work so well together that that they can be pair off into games.

  • Political-Technique = RPG (Role Play Game)
  • Technical-Tactical = War-band (small unit*/ Skirmisher/ Scout/ Commando)
  • Tactical-Strategy = Asymmetrical warfare (Guerilla/ Counter Insurgency)
  • Strategy-Political = Govern (inc. Diplomacy between opposed or rival factions)

These combinations can still interact, for example: * the small unit may be a ‘commando unit’ and tie in with the Commando game. At any time, when scale appropriate, the Players can ‘zoom in’ and use the Technical Sphere for the fine ‘mission critical’ set pieces.

There is also the option to combine opposites have limited scope and are more like ‘throwing a spanner in the works’ where one sphere disrupts another;

  • Technical-Strategic = Duel for Command, Assassination, Traitor, Spy
  • Political-Tactical = Demagogue, Rabble Rouser, Mutiny, Chaos

This allows players to learn spheres individually and then to combined them, first in pairs then combination of pairs or three-way combinations. Eventually all four spheres can be combined into the full WarSpike system: Spheres of War.

As an example of how it works in combinations, lets start with the RPG as I suspect most reading this are are familiar with the concept (and if you are not there is plenty of information on the net!). Once the Player Avatars (Player Characters) advance in their campaigns and adventures they gain power and influence. This power and influence can be put to good use through leadership to organise others.

Through gaining a leadership role in the RPG game they gain access to the Tactical Sphere, where they can use their Avatar as a proxy to control their army on the table. This allows table top war games to be integrated into the RPG setting, where the RPG provides the back story and ‘fluff’.

If the Player Avatars continue to gain power and status and become even more powerful they may have multiple armies at their control and they can not be at each battle in person to execute their tactics and instead have to appoint army leaders to act in their stead. This opens up the Strategy Sphere.

In the end it will comes full circle in this example, as being a civic leader goes back to ‘Politico’ and working out agreements between social leaders and representatives, bring forwards civic strategies and continue to fuel the military industrial complex that provides the resources for war.

Each combinations of games and where the Player start lead to the same place (all roads lead to Rome) via differing paths.

For example if players start with the Tactical Sphere, they may use the Technique Sphere for small skirmisher missions ahead of the main army (blow up a bridge, or stop the enemy from blowing it up) which may then affect how armies are deployed in the Tactical game. They may also link Tactical games together to a narrate story as a campaign, which is a ‘set’ form of Strategy. later they may wish to allow the Tactical game results to affect how later games are played and this opens up the Strategy Sphere.

Players can ease themselves into the adjacent Spheres used only small parts or as a framework, or concentrate on one Sphere exclusively to the exclusion of the others (re-enactments of historical battles where all the Political and Strategy manoeuvrings are predetermined and the scale is too grand for the Technique Sphere to really show up – though a duel between champions may give the opportunity to dust of the Technique Sphere rule book!)

The whole premise of WarSpike is to explore war in the context of it’s enviroment.

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