October 20th, 2007

WarSpike is a generic set of war game rules. It is based on the work of the ‘Historical European Martial Arts’ (HEMA) movement, which attempts to recreate the lost ‘Arts of Mars’. It is intended for use with historical and contemporary scenarios. It can be expanded to deal with fantasy and sci-fi setting with Sciror expansion pack. For a quick primer: WarSpike Overview

This site is the development community for the WarSpike system. This is where the cutting edge prototype rules are first put forward, discussed and then developed. There are five steps to this process: all the steps are listed on the grey sidebar under ‘Development Cycle’, and more detailed information can be found here: Steps in the Development Cycle.

For those unfamiliar with WarSpike’s Spheres of War concept: it is a collection of four war games, each encompassing a sphere of war. The four spheres are: Political, Strategic, Tactical, and Technical. Each sphere has it’s own rules set and can be played by itself in it’s own right. In addition to this; all the spheres are interoperable, as the share a common rule framework, and they can be combined together ad hoc to deal with any scenario.

Combining different combinations Spheres creates different gaming experiences. These combinations can be used to replicate other games. For example the combination of Politico-Technical forms the basis of an Role Play Game. At any time the other spheres can be seamlessly integrated into the game session. An RPG game can grow naturally allowing Players to go as far as ‘nation building’. Eventually they can command great armies, their Avatar taking on the role of General in within Strategy Sphere. This gives WarSpike a lot of flexibility and growth.

Spheres can be used to organised other spheres and interact with each other. For example a Strategy game can be used as a campaign manager and organise  Tactical games. Where armies clash in Strategy they can be handed off to Tactical to be resolved. Further to this, important missions within the Technical Sphere can be handed off to the Technical Sphere (Or even an RPG (Political-Technical combo) session). As such WarSpike can be used to run many games all at once, and is ideal for games clubs.

Best wishes,

Philip Sibbering
Artist & DesignerConnect